Notes from Tim Berners-Lee's talk at Mozfest 2018 Live Stream

Recently, Tim Berners-Lee participated in a series of Dialogues and Debates, held within the Mozilla Festival 2018. He talked about Solid, the newly launched company inrupt, that will be helping to fuel the success of Solid, and the power this new model of true data ownership has to decentralize the web and bring it back to people, Tim Berner-Lee made some important points.

Below are few of my notes from the talk: The video from the talk is available here:

"Key to his talk there was how he doesn’t want to contribute any more to the “monetization data stream” that’s at the heart of the way the web works today. When businesses know everything about you, nothing is private anymore. By giving away data, you become a target for advertising, or subject to political manipulation and fake news. It’s a web where your data works for “others” and not for you".  Source: Turning the Privacy World “Right Side Up”

Instead of an Epilogue, a Call to adventure:

Buckle up:
  1. Check the category Using Solid here:
  2. Ask questions (and read answers) here:
  3. Keep your head up, looking towards the Web of People, not down the tiny obstacles on the road.
  4. Don't be shy, say hello to the people in the gutter chat. I did! Here:
  5. Check How to create a webpage by Don Tai whom I don't know but just taught me how to do what I mostly want to: write a blog post :) here, on Solid, just for the fun and thrill of it. Here: Playing with SOLID's POD