Fifteen days of Solid: Connecting dots, PODs and visions.


I have been tinkering with Solid for more than two weeks now. And here I am, with a bit of HTML, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of help from the friendly Solid and Inrupt community, my first text here, on my POD :), is reality.

If it wasn't for Ruben Verborgh, Kingsley Idehen and all the other great people from the Solid community, I wouldn't have been able to get here. For coders and people who are well versed in computer language, this might not be new neither exciting, but for me it is a thrill! A hands-on experience of "small pieces, loosely joined":

Hope iframe is welcome here ...

Wow! This thingy supports iframe... Anyway, to get back to the easy and the bag of chips, Solid experience is far from easy and seamless.

It is a stretch for me (I even have to make paragpraphs with < p > :)). But I am willing to push the envelope. To embark on a journey into the warps and wefts of the connectivity, of connectivity that is built with Linked Data.

I see this as a mindful way of creating something, playing and learning. On the Web. Where I am me, not yet another dot in the data field of of various platforms where we exchange personal data for perceived value*.

[*note: this sentence is woven of threads from here: Testing Magic Leap with Andy Serkis and the Imaginarium - BBC Click:  and here One Small Step for the Web...

Now, we are not only threads holding the world together , we are the threads who will build a network of true data ownership. One POD at a time. And here, instead of an epilogue, I embed a terribly big image :)) But I am so happy I made it. When I find out how I can format it, I will tell you :) Also, don't forget to check out the resources below. And the call to adventure... weavingthewebbookexcerpt p.s. Okay, I cheated, and copy-pasted the code version from my Wordpress blog, where I can see that you add: width="629" height="315" Again basics that I should probably know better but never had to.

Call to adventure: Come join the weave:

p.s. It will be a rough ride in the beginning, so buckle up! :)

p.p.s. How to buckle up:

  1. Check the category Using Solid here:
  2. Ask questions (and read answers) here:
  3. Keep your head up, looking towards the Web of People, not down the tiny obstacles on the road.
  4. Don't be shy, say hello to the people in the gutter chat. I did! Here:
  5. Check How to create a webpage by Don Tai whom I don't know but just taught me how to do what I mostly want to: write a blog post :) here, on Solid, just for the fun and thrill of it. Here: Playing with SOLID's POD